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SkyRoom Studios!

Just recorded my fun and comedic verse (the record producer actually called me “zany in the best way”) as one of the voices on a new Christmas song that will be released soon. The other singers (some even from Broadway!) & I have decided to give 100% of the song’s profits to a scholarship for underprivileged children in the NYC area wanting to take music lessons. And yes, those are real platinum records you see in the glass’s reflection in this photo. Very surreal being invited to a studio like this one by an award winning producer (David Musial of SkyRoom Studios) to contribute my voice on such a project.

And we even shot some footage of me for a possible music video for the that should be interesting. LOL! 🎄🕺❄️🎧

#BohtheSmileGuy #ChrisBohinski #Happiness #Joy #Positivity #SmileStory

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