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4 Ways Acoustic Singers Can Improve Your Next Party

4 Ways Acoustic Singers Can Improve Your Next Party

When booking live entertainment for an upcoming party, whether it be a private get-together or a corporate event, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration: noise level, equipment set-up, cost, etc. Before long, you might feel like you’re in over your head, trying to juggle a dozen considerations while searching for the perfect performer who can satisfy all of them.

One option that sometimes gets overlooked in the scramble is to forgo the usual DJs or full band productions in favor of acoustic singers. While smaller acoustic groups and solo performers usually lack the spectacle of larger, more complex acts, they bring unique advantages to the table that their plugged-in peers could never match.

Acoustic singers are quieter

Not every party needs to be a wild, raucous dancefloor blowout. Indeed, for some events that approach may not be appropriate or even feasible. If you’re looking to establish a more casual and relaxed atmosphere or if the location your shindig takes place at doesn’t lend itself to high-decibel eardrum assaults, acoustic performers are an ideal alternative. Guests can gather ‘round and quietly enjoy the music as if it were a private concert just for them, while other guests hang back and talk amongst themselves, with neither group ruining the experience for the other.

Acoustic singers require less set-up

Really quick, let’s take a look at what kind of equipment a typical five-piece rock band uses: microphones, speakers, guitars, bass, a drum set, amplifiers, maybe a lighting rig, etc. Now let’s take a look at how much equipment a solo acoustic singer needs: a guitar, a mic, and a speaker. That it’s. Not only do acoustic performers require less preparation and take up far less room, but if they use a wireless sound system, they can actually move around the party while playing, giving anyone and everyone a front-row seat.

Acoustic singers are more interactive

Piggybacking off of acoustic performers’ ability to freely stroll around a party, this can result in something that will make your event feel even more special: interactivity. Instead of a band playing onstage while a crowd of onlookers watches from a distance, acoustic singers can rub shoulders with your guests on a person-to-person level. What’s more, that sense of intimacy allows entertainers to engage with the audience directly. Instead of relying on generic between-song banter, acoustic musicians can talk one-on-one with individual party-goers and create a friendly, meaningful rapport.

Acoustic singers are cheaper

Sometimes the simplest reasons are the best ones. For all the down-to-earth flavor acoustic artists bring to a party, it should not be overlooked that they can also save an event-planner a ton of money. Even when not appearing as a solo act, acoustic groups tend to be smaller than other kinds of bands, meaning there are fewer people to pay. Likewise, less equipment means fewer costs for the performers, not to mention a much smaller electric bill. Acoustic music is more popular than ever nowadays, so with all the unique benefits such entertainers offer, why pay more when you can get just as much value for less?

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