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For as long as I could remember for atleast the last 10 years, mom & dad & I would spend early Christmas morning birdwatching. This decade brought much loss in the form of both of their passings, but as I birded alone this morning, I was talking aloud with both of them in Heaven. While walking around a small lake, I spotted a bird I have never seen before...a LIFER! I could not think of a better way to end this decade than by seeing my 350th life bird...a Barnacle Goose, knowing I was joined by dad & mom in that moment. Merry Christmas to all and remember to always try to find the glad in things. 🙏💛💜🦢🎄👼👼

12/26 UPDATE: On my way home from Christmas festivities, I made a spontaneous and quick detour to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge and was THRILLED to see & photograph Delaware's 1st record of a Western Tanager! Lifer #351! Woohoo!

Posted to ABA's The PA Birding List on 12/26/2019:

"For anyone who is handicapped and can make it to Bombay Hook NWR, I STRONGLY suggest it. They are currently hosting Deleware's 1st WESTERN TANAGER and you can view it from their PARKING LOT! Or even while sitting on a bench in front of their visitors center. Like literally right at their visitors center with handicapped accessible bathrooms. I mentioned this because my mother was handicapped and this would have been the most perfect bird for us to chase together! Also, a relatively short distance away at Yardley Corners Pond (Bucks County, PA), there is a BARNACLE GOOSE. Again, if you can't walk that much....this may be the bird for you to chase. Parking and paved path around the pond. Bird has been roosting their overnight and leaves around 830am on a daily basis. Just letting you all know since I would have LOVED to read a post like this while I was a full-time caregiver to my mother. Enjoy and good luck! Merry Christmas!"

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