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A Funny Story featuring GrandMOM

If you need a good laugh, I hope this may bring you one. The other day my sister and I were taking shifts as Grandma Bo was transitioning into a new care home. When I was with her, grandma went down for a nap. While she was sleeping, I sat right outside of her room in the activity area making some signs to hang up in her room with important phone numbers and names and such. A woman (who knew my name but I never remember meeting) comes up to me while I'm sitting and asks, "How is mom doing?" to which I replied, “Well, unfortunately she passed." 🙏 The woman was shocked. She didn’t know what to say. *Note: Now it’s common for folks to drum up conversations and vice versa with my sister & I since they see us so much, so I figured I just don’t remember this particular lady.* I comforted her and told her that her concern was very sweet, & that we all appreciate the love. After a little bit of silence from the woman, she then asked me what we were going to do with the new room since she just moved in. I then realized she was asking about GRANDMOM. Not our MOM. So there's that. 🦽 Sorry to the 75 year old lady who I met in passing while leaving the dining hall that I scared thinking something happened to grandma in the 20 minutes from when we left the dining room to that very moment (and how nonchalant I was) but it is amusing to see everyone keeping tabs on me, especially when they see me alone and “coloring” at a table without grandma in sight. Oh how I know mom and dad are laughing in heaven at this right now! 😂

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