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Pink-footed Goose and a Kind Gesture

When I learned of a possible "Lifer" just a little over an hour away from my home, I made some time to try for it! I arrived pre-sunrise this morning at Fogelsville Quarry in Lehigh County, PA. There was a convenient nearby Community Park parking lot which borders the quarry's body of water, which is enclosed by a fence. Along with some other birdwatchers, I scanned the 50,000+ Snow Geese to look for the very rare Pink-footed Goose that was seen at this location yesterday evening. Surprisingly, we found it rather quickly before it and most of the snow geese flew off around 8:15am. A most wonderful moment this AM was when fellow birder, and a perfect stranger, Frank Dickman invited me to look at the bird through his spotting scope before I had "eyes" on the bird myself...most definitely my SmileStory℠ for the day! A nice gesture on this beautiful and unseasonably warm winter day! Happy Birding! 🦢

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