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Truly Bizarre & Unreal & Magical & Awesome in the BEST Way!

This past weekend was truly bizarre & unreal & magical & awesome in the BEST way! Every time something splendid and strange happened, it kept on getting topped! HAHA! First, everyone is freaking out because this is the only Groundhog Day date ever to be palindrome 02-02-2020...and it just happened to be the largest crowd ever documented at Gobbler's Knob! I still can't believe I performed for 50,000+ people! Then after performing my friend Olga & I got a special invite to snap a photo with Punxsutawney Phil & his handler in a private meeting...and because they enjoyed my performance so much, they took Phil OUTSIDE of his normal enclosure so we could meet him!!! And if things couldn't get any more unique, I shared a *backstage green room* aka a mini school bus with no heat parked in a ditch behind the stage with Miss Pennsylvania & her mom!! EVERYONE needs to experience Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney at least once in their life!!!


If you would like to watch my performance, you can by clicking HERE! 🙌🥳

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