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Virtue of Values

A few weeks ago, I was approached about being involved with the Scranton-based International Student Leadership Institute. It is a peer-facilitated faith-based leadership retreat designed to provide current high school students knowledge and skills by exploring real-life situations of people from all backgrounds. Throughout the weekend, the program hopes that students recognize how they can become a stronger leader through exploring 5 different objectives: Support, Awareness, Self-Confidence, Positive Thinking, and Values. Very humbly, I accepted their request to be the featured speaker on the virtue of Values. I was asked to share to my story, specifically how the passing of my father and my work in the entertainment industry helped inform my decision of most recently becoming a full-time, unpaid primary caregiver for my mother up until the time of her passing. And you know what was most special about this opportunity for me? Today just happens to be our mom’s 1st birthday in heaven! This is my SmileStory℠. And I will continue being open to life’s surprises and serendipity. Happy Birthday Mom! 💜🙏🎂👼👼💛 PS. This photo is when the students gave me a LITERAL STANDING OVATION and I was so confused at what they were doing that I started doing it back to them! HAHA! 😂

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