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1 Month Since Phil

Performing for me has always been extra special because of how involved & supportive my parents were in my life. Singing at Gobbler's Knob exactly one month ago was the first time I was on a stage since mom passed in August. This image is a representation of what the 50,000+ person Punxsutawney crowd saw but what did I see? Of course all of the folks shivering in the 20° snowy, windy weather. But I also felt my parents there with me because this was the first time they would have been in their heavenly front row seats TOGETHER as I did my best to make an audience smile. I ALSO know they were chuckling because I was NOT told that the entire stage was a sheet of ice before stepping onto it which made it tricky to navigate in my glittered shoes (not pictured) and the fact that I was wearing a pair of women's satin pajama pants my mom got me years ago at the goodwill because "you never know when you may need them for a costume". Mom and Dad, so much has happened since both of you passed away & so much excitement has occurred just this past month. I look forward to sharing my smile with even more people as I continue being open to these unexpected turns in the road and enjoying life's surprises & serendipity. 💜💛🙏🎩🐾

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