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What a Wonderful World

Before coming to drop off some essentials for Grandma Bo at her nursing home, I called to see if I could coordinate with the nurses to say hello to her from the outside. The aids got her all bundled up and positioned about 20 feet away in the hallway opposite this door you see me sitting at in the video. Grandma is 95 years young and very active and bright and loving! She immediately recognized me, but this time one of my multi-weekly visits was a bit different…we were practicing social distancing (which I have been extra attentive with since COVID-19 has become such a global situation). She understands something is happening in the world, and told me she is praying every day about it. One of the things I brought her today were “mini spice drops” which are one of her favorite treats (yes I disinfected the bags of them before I dropped them off outside for the front desk worker to pick-up after unlocking the door). I also wanted to sing grandma a song, which turned out to be for an audience of her and a few of the aids & staff and some of the other residents who were able to see & hear from their vantage points. We must remember during this time that we do truly live in a WONDERFUL WORLD and to keep our faith & hope in the positive. (And yes, after I left I was assured the area on the other side of the door I was sitting at was going to be disinfected to be extra, extra safe.) Help make someone safely smile today if you can! And what was the best part of this unique visit? Well 2 things...1) in typical grandma bo fashion, she was fidgeting with her spice drops & baggie of them for most of the performance (as you'll see me react to during the song) and 2) hearing grandma so cutely and sweetly say at the end of the song, "That was nice." 🙏💛💜😊🎶 (I do not own the rights to this song.)

Watch HERE 😊

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