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Meet Pollyanna the Cat!

Meet my new sweet little girl...Pollyanna! Pollyanna is 5 years old and was recently picked up by a humane officer and brought to the local SPCA. She is thought to have been discarded & neglected by her previous owner given her sweet and calm demeanor. Polly was only in the shelter system for a little over a week but has been through a lot as evident with the ring of fur missing around her neck from where a collar was too tight and constantly wet while she weathered the snow & rain outside. She is absolutely delightful and we are already becoming the best of friends since adopting her! (I actually was the first person to request to meet her!) I chose the name Pollyanna because just as her namesake, she is a sweet little girl. Emphasis on the SWEET but also on the LITTLE as the veterinarian said she is perfectly healthy at a weight of under 8 pounds. She must have been the runt of her litter! 💛💜

Pollyanna, Polly for short, will be a great way for me and anyone that meets or sees her to be reminded to find the good...because it is most certainly there. 🐈

PS. This photo was taken just an hour after adopting Polly! 🙏 Also a big thanks to my siblings for their support and encouragement with this decision! ❤️💙💚

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