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Happy Siblings Day!

It's National Siblings Day and I hope my sister & brother have an extra special happy day! Losing both of our parents to cancer has been tough on all of us; we all grieve in different ways but at the end of the day, we all love each other and are always rooting for one another. Both of my siblings are the strongest and smartest people I know. Among many other titles, my sister is a professor & language and program coordinator and my bother is an applications scientist & new product development manager. My sister has a wonderful husband and smart son & my brother has a lovely wife, intelligent son, and a sweet daughter. I look up to my siblings (not physically because I am the biggest of us 3) and can always count on both of them to make me smile & to answer all of my texts and phone calls. Happy Siblings Day Dr. Chesla and Dr. Timothy! Yes, they both have their PhDs! I always said one day maybe I'll give a commencement speech and get an honorary doctorate then?! I'm also thankful for the faith we all share, and will be praying extra for us all today on this Good Friday. Happy Siblings Day Ches and Tim! xo ❤️💙💚🙏💜💛

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