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A Rainbow from Heaven

Yesterday while on a run after work, it began to drizzle. And then a rainbow appeared. I only went outside to enjoy the sunshine & to listen to the “White Christmas” soundtrack (one of mom’s favorites) to make the 1year anniversary of mom’s passing a bit more special. While continuing my run, the ends of the rainbow were no longer obstructed by the trees. And look what I saw! The rainbow started at General Hospital, where mom passed, and its end was at the Jesus statue on King’s College. Wow! God is good and I knew immediately this was a heavenly sign & hug from mom. Every day mom and dad are with me & my siblings and this was just a physical reminder of their presence. Gosh, this gave me chills. I wonder if anyone on the Pierce Street Bridge saw me about to cry as I was viewing this? Lol. 👼💛💜🌈

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