• Chris Bohinski

Be Kind

Every day I wake up, I make it my mission to add a little bit more joy into the people's lives I come in contact with whether it be in person or through a television screen. I know that everyone deals with "meanies" in their lives, and especially working in the public eye, it is even easier to receive a not-so-nice comment from someone who is hiding behind their keyboard. Now in my free time, I like to get some fresh air and exercise by running. Well some wouldn't call it running (I would say it's a moderate job), but I enjoy it and try my best...and for someone that has tipped the scales at 330lbs at times, I am sure proud of my efforts. Well after a long day at work today, I went for a run. About 10 minutes in, just blocks from my apartment, a car passed me & pulled over a little ways down to a part in the road that there wasn't anything at. As soon as I was passing the car, the back window rolled down and not only was I called a name because of my stature (I get it, I'm a large fellow), but they also commented on my speed. At first I was not going to post anything about this encounter but what saddens me the most is that this car was filled with 4 people my age, who don't have enough love in their hearts to be kind to strangers. One of themes in Pollyanna is the phrase, "When you look for the bad in mankind, expecting to find it, you surely will." So instead of being mad at these kids, I am going to look for the good. I am going to hope that for whatever reason they wanted to make a mean comment to me was out of the ordinary for them...and that there won't be a next person they try shame. This post wasn't written for pity or nice's a reminder that kindness begins with yourself. And I bet if those kids watched PA live! every day, they would not never even dare to make a comment like that to a stranger...especially seeing how much fun Haley & I have on a daily basis. (And no, they didn't know who I was in my junky clothes and baseball cap.) So if you read this and can relate, join me in finding the good...because it is surely there if we look for it. 🙏

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