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COVID-19 Masks for Polly & Me!

A few days ago, I posted on Facebook to see if anyone would be willing to make masks for myself and my siblings & their families for a trade of hand-knitted hats. I received a few lovely messages from folks, but let me tell you...Jessica Suda Baab of KISS Theatre (whom I had never met prior) came through with flying colors! WOW! WOW! WOW! Breathable masks for us all! So grateful and appreciative! The cherry-on-top was the mini-mask she made Pollyanna!!! Very creative!! I think this photo will go down in my scrapbook as the quintessential way to define this unique time in the world! 😻🎭😷🧵 (PS. Polly actually didn't mind the mask on her for the whole 15 seconds it was there...she was more interested in licking the fabric than anything!) 🐈

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