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Dad's Tie Collection

When our dad passed away, it was nearly impossible to select just a few ties from his collection. So now, in addition to my own ties (which quite honestly were probably his to begin with that he just gave me as I grew up & needed them for school functions), is close to topping 400. So my Saturday night is attempting to organize them by colors, patterns, holidays, and material. I know what you’re thinking...sounds like a wild Saturday night for me! HAHA! PS. Our dad’s typical outfit for work was a tie and sweater...sometimes a sport jacket. His clothing matched his sweet and kind demeanor & was always something his patients would comment on. Our mom sure loved looking through the tie discount racks in stores! So literally 99.9% of the ties you see me wear on television are his! 👔

Also, Happy International Cat Day to Pollyanna and Gracie! 🐈😺

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