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Happy Father's Day in heaven Dad

Recently, I have been receiving messages from viewers of PA Live alluding to the fact that I am a new iteration of a “Mister Rogers” type personality on their television sets. Well let me tell you, that is one of the nicest things to come from working at the news station so far. But I need to give MY DAD all of the credit for instilling in me basic human kindness with everything I do. My father was the most gentle and loving soul I have ever met, and getting recognized for being happy is the biggest compliment to the man that my father was. I try my best in everything I do and always do it for God, and knowing that is giving me joy and other people joy, makes me smile so much. Happy Father’s Day in heaven Dad! 🙏👼 And because my dad loved to read, I just bought this book to honor him and celebrate the compassion & love he taught me with everything he did in his life. 💛

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