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HBO's John Oliver!

Last Thursday October 29, I spent the morning with Grandma Bo before going into work. While producing PA live! with Haley, we learned that grandma had passed away. Haley told me I could go home...but I knew I couldn't miss that day's show especially since it was Haley's birthday and the 1st of our 2 Halloween shows! I did what grandma would tell me to do, "Go out there and have fun, Chrissy." And now, Haley and I were chosen by JOHN OLIVER out of literally every news station and show across the country to be included in this fun segment! WOW! Another way Grandma Bo continues to make us smile! 🕊🙏 Thank you HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver for this feature on Haley Bianco and myself! ❤️🤍💙

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