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Jim Thorpe’s Olympic Gold Medals

We have a HUGE show planned for you for tomorrow, Tuesday September 22! Haley & I will be LIVE for the entire 4pm hour in Jim Thorpe, PA. This is our inaugural stop on the PA live!: On The Road series AND WILL FEATURE THE RARELY SEEN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS OF ATHLETE JIM THORPE BROUGHT ON THE SHOW BY HIS VERY OWN GRANDSON! 🥇🥇 Many other surprises in store as well including a special mayoral proclamation! 🚲🚂 Did you ever want to watch the show LIVE IN PERSON? Now is your chance! You can join Haley Bianco News & myself at the train station in our socially distanced audience, watch on WBRE at 4pm, or stream on & the PAhomepage app! 📱💻📺

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