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Life's Wonderful Twists and Turns

Today, I was scheduled to be a keynote speaker at an invite-only convention in Manhattan celebrating the 75th anniversary of one of the largest non-profit publications in the world, Guideposts magazine. I was asked by the editor-in-chief to be part of this event after the positive response from their readers when they featured mom & I in a cover story back in September 2018. My "talk" was going to be town hall style moderated by the CEO of the magazine and was to focus on how I remained positive when I changed my life's path to move back home to care for my mom when she was re-diagnosed with cancer. I was looking forward to sharing even more of my happiness with their audience, but the right & only decision was made to postpone the event amid the world's situation. I am constantly learning that if you try to plan every step, you may miss life's wonderful twists and turns. Looking forward to finding my next adventure and am excited to continue to embrace life's surprises and serendipity. 🦋🐝🙏

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