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MAJOR LIFE ANN😀UNCEMENT: I am thrilled to announce I have accepted a position with northeastern and central Pennsylvania’s only lifestyle news talk show: PA Live! 📺

I am excited to be alongside the show’s talented host Haley Bianco and will serve as a reporter, producer, and co-host. I look forward to having the privilege of being on your televisions LIVE every weekday for our 4-5pmEST broadcast on the NBC-affiliated news station WBRE, or on your phones & computer screens while you stream it from anywhere in the country. I promise to always share my smile with you and I hope you do the same with me. Let’s remind folks that there is always something to be glad about! 🎥

Mom and Dad, I got a job on the news! I promise to continue to share my joy with the world as you watch from your heavenly front row seats! 🦋🙏🐝

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