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Hours after our mother, Barbara Bohinski, passed away, my siblings & I were contacted by SightLife. SightLife is the world’s leading eye bank and global nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating corneal blindness. We were told our mom’s corneas could be donated to help restore the sight in a stranger. As a registered nurse, it was always her wishes to to help, even after her passing as was our dad’s, Dr. Stanley T. Bohinski, wishes as well. We learned a few months after her passing, that mom’s corneas helped regain the vision in TWO DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS. We don’t know who the recipients are, but there is a part of me that every person I meet I think, “Oh goodness, I may be looking at a part of mom right now.” It was nice to spend the evening tonight celebrating National Eye Awareness Month with other donor families and recipients on a virtual ceremony that celebrated LIFE which included mom’s photo. A photo I took on the morning of her birthday a few years ago. Gosh, what I would give to hug my mom & dad right now. Be kind to others. And remember to smile. And be thankful if you still have your parents and grandparents around. 💛💜🤍 And yes, I’m crying right now with my sister on the phone. 🙏🙏🙏

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