• Chris Bohinski

Thank You Mayor Brown!

Thank you Mayor Brown of Wilkes-Barre City for the awesome #WilkesBarre face mask! After living here for most of my life, this mask is EXTRA SPECIAL to me! 😷

Update: After meeting with the mayor of Wilkes-Barre in his office, I walked through Boscov's as a shortcut back to work. A married couple, Jayne and Bob, stopped me and initially just said, "We are a big fan of your cats!" 😻 I was floored! Speechless! I literally was beaming with joy!!! Not only did they stop me while I had a mask on, but they stopped me to tell me about my cats!!! How cool, and actually quite funny, is that?!?! Week 7 of PA live! is ending on a great note! 👏👏 This honestly has made my entire week!!!! My kitties make people smile!!!!!!! So thankful for my rescues!!! 🐈🐈

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