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Tittles from The Citizen's Bank

Some days the universe just works so serendipitously! One very early rainy morning around 6am on my way to visit Grandma Bo before work, I was granted roof access to the Citizen's Bank building in downtown Wilkes-Barre. After climbing a ladder to get to the iconic sign, I spoke with the folks removing it. They agreed to let me keep the 2 dots from the i's in the sign before hauling out the rest to the junk yard to get scrapped. They helped me hoist these down with a rope to a landing on the building (you can get a better sense of that day in these photos). It is unbelievable to think I have the only pieces of this historical marquee, and that millions of people have seen these dots while crossing the Market Street Bridge! I cleaned them up and now they are the PERFECT end tables in my apartment!!! Gosh, I am so lucky. And grateful. 🏦🕊

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