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Today was one of those “pinch me” moments! Haley and I got served a Yuengling beer by 6th generation DAUGHTER JENNIFER YUENGLING! LIKE WHAT?!?!? America’s oldest brewery! 🇺🇸 Of course we were only able to smell it since we were working (the HERSHEY'S 🍫 porter is divine) but moments after this photo was taken, we were given special permission on a private tour to TRY OUR LUCK AT PLUCKING A JUST FILLED ICE COLD CAN OF BEER STRAIGHT OFF THE SUPER FAST CONVEYOR BELT PRODUCTION LINE IN THE FACTORY!! And we both did it!!! 🍻 Cheers to Yuengling Beer & Haley Bianco and PA live! for this unforgettable day! 👏 PS. As my brother noticed in this photo, my pants are not soaked knee-high in’s just a shadow!!! 😂

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