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March 3, 2019

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What is a #SmileStory?

February 17, 2016


If this is your first time reading the “NYC Smile 4 Me” blog, welcome…and welcome back to if you have smiled with us before! The objective of this particular posting is to further explain my mission with this blog.


I created “NYC Smile 4 Me” with the goal of breeding positivity, happiness, and joy. A smile can be the result of something as small as getting a free doughnut at the shop to as grand as winning a million dollar lottery & beyond; if something made you smile, then it is YOUR smile story. Realizing how busy people are, a #SmileStory is meant to follow a 2-3 paragraph structure that chronicles a unique smile. It is my hope that after reading a #SmileStory, someone will be inspired to reflect on their week, be able to recognize/find their own smiles, & then share them with others :)

There are 4 different types of a #SmileStory. YOUR smile story can be:


1. Y ippee

*Did you anticipate your smiles for the day? i.e. Tonight I am going to see Kristin Chenoweth in concert & that makes me so happy!


2. O riginal

*Did you experience a smile for the first time in an unfamiliar place? i.e. I had to travel to Nashville for a work related trip, but was thrilled to find out my hotel was across the street from a cowboy-themed store!


3. U nexpected

*Did you experience a smile for the first time in a familiar place? i.e. In addition to the regular pumpkin and pecan pies, this Thanksgiving our mom surprised us with a delicious new pound cake recipe!


4. R etrospective

Did you have a smile but didn’t realize it until after-the-fact? i.e. Paige Davis’ (“Trading Smiles”) smile story demonstrates this. Here’s an excerpt from her #SmileStory:

“…when Christopher told me of his new blog and invited me to share my own Smile Story, it happened to be a day I was having a hard time finding my smile. I’d been battling a few demons, dealing with an aging body, a loss of enthusiasm, a dimming of hope. But when he asked me to participate, I suddenly realized, I already had a wonderful example. I just hadn’t processed it yet.”


Smiles are universal. And it’s free to smile. Share your #SmileStory today!