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March 3, 2019

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Colton's Smiles

April 6, 2016


Smiles are universal & all smiles are unique. One commonality I’ve seen while working a wide array of jobs throughout New York City, is the plethora of available food for the work crew. When I am able to, I make a plate to-go and give it to someone on the street (someone who may appear homeless or just down on their luck) on my way back to the bus station.


I walked out of the theater that night totally exhausted but before leaving work, I filled a plate with chicken parmesan, baked ziti (and I made sure I got the parts with the most melted cheese), fresh fruit, & a few desserts. Balancing a plate of food along with my gym bag, work bag, and coat was not particularly making my walk home the most enjoyable.


A few blocks away, I stopped to ask a man who appeared to be around my age (25) if he was hungry; he grinned from ear to ear and said yes. It was only until after I handed him the plate of food, can of soda, and 2 granola bars that I noticed what his sign said. It read:







I introduced myself and learned his name was Colton. He was originally from Portland, Oregon and has been in NYC for about 10 months. I mentioned to him my “NYC Smile 4 Me” blog, and he thought it was a nice idea. As I was leaving, I told him that he truly made me smile and I felt blessed meeting him. I asked if I could take his photo to share his smile with others, and he excitedly obliged.


The “NYC Smile 4 Me” smile mission is to spread positivity, happiness, and joy. This particular #SmileStory was anchored with an action, which led to a the meaningful meeting of a beautiful soul.

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